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Depression Support Group

Depression Support Group

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Depression Support Group

Depression is a mental state marked by profound sadness and the inability to experience pleasure, known clinically as anhedonia.

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Not by myself.. 3 Replies

I wil have this problem..i have a mental illness and i want to go to a doctor but i have no work and no money..and my brother has it to..ive write to oprah and ellen but not a single reply..

Started by Mark Madridano. Last reply by PDR Feb 28.

My Depression & Anxiety Tips 1 Reply

Coping with Anxiety and Depression is not easy. However, I have studied myself, and have tried different things to help me feel better. Maybe this can help someone else.My Depression and Anxiety Tips• Reduce Caffeine (No more than one cup of coffee) (No more than one soda) (Notes) I recommend drinking plenty water. Right now, I do not drink any soda, but I drink coffee, I limit myself to one cup. I noticed yesterday, I did not consume any caffeine and I felt great. It is going to be hard to…Continue

Started by IamD. Last reply by Tania Nov 14, 2012.

Breathe deeply to relieve deprsession 1 Reply

Life is the greatest gift of GOD.Just being alive is so great.So if you are depressed just be thankful that you can breathe in and breathe out, which the dead are unable to do.So cheer up and be happy just to be alive.Continue

Started by Prakant. Last reply by AmitSen Nov 10, 2012.

dippression 5 Replies

i would like to say the depression is not a decease its a state of mind which can be resolved the way how it should be understood.Continue

Started by karthi. Last reply by Tanu Oct 26, 2012.

Depressed, But Hoping to Break Out! 2 Replies

This is my first post on this site, so please forgive me if it is long and / or tedious, or if it isn't submitted in quite the right category. It's taken some time to work up courage to actually post this, as I'm somewhat of a shy and reticent person by nature and not given to talking about personal, especially emotional, problems with anyone. I've spent a while on this site much as I have done with several others of a similar vein – that is to say, reading what others have written but not…Continue

Started by Penguin. Last reply by Jiya Oct 20, 2012.

People not having sexual side effects from Venlafaxine (Veniz), please respond :) 1 Reply

Hello, I just started Venlafaxine (Veniz) treatment today because of heavy anxiety and depression, and what i want to know is: When i read on the internet i see that almost everyone complains about the sexual side effect, but statistics say that only about 12% get ejaculation problems, and about 10% get lower sex drive, so which one should i believe?My sex drive is basically null anyway, and i get too anxious anyways in a sexual situation so im not able to have sex anyway in this state im…Continue

Started by PDR. Last reply by Wd Oct 6, 2012.

Fluoxetine success stories 1 Reply

I need hope that the prodep (fluoxetine) I've been on (upped to 60 mg. 10 days ago) will work for me. I know this isn't possible to know for sure, but I sure could use some success stories.Continue

Started by City. Last reply by OCD Oct 6, 2012.

Tips for Dealing with Depression

I've found the following activities helpful in dealing with my mania (I have bipolar I rapid cycling), but they can be just as effective for people with depression:* Take a short walk (In my case, I take a long walk to calm myself down.) * Listen to pop or country music that has a good, danceable beat (I listen to soft, calm music like smooth jazz or classical to help control my mania.) * Read a good book* Write in a journal/create a mood journal so you can keep track of what triggers your…Continue

Started by DreamZ Oct 6, 2012.

Tips from a long-term sufferer

My apologies for writing so much, it is particularly presumptuous as I have only just signed up to this board. I'm equally sorry if my tips aren't very helpful or pertinent to any body reading them; from talking to fellow-sufferers I've found that depression is a very individual and complex illness, so a "one size fits all" approach to it doesn't tend to work.Even for myself, specifically, some tips are only useful at certain stages in my particular form of depression. Broadly speaking there…Continue

Started by Gowri Oct 6, 2012.


I would love to hear people's experiences with Wellbutrin.

Started by Karen D. Nichols Oct 31, 2009.

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